What is Homepathic (Fake) hCG?

The need for a real  hCG product for weight loss has sparked the demand in the homeopathic market to try and capitalize on the high demand and needs of the hCG dieter.

But…are marketers capitalizing by offering you a equally equivalent product or are they capitalizing on the lack of understanding of homeopathic medicine? What are you getting when you buy homeopathic hCG? Are you getting hCG? And what exactly do those numbers mean on the label of hCG?

Understanding Homeopathy

Homeopathic medicine is a controversial practice that dates back many years. Homeopathy believes that most diseases and related symptoms can be cured by diluting  medications or by utilizing alternative medicine practices.

The original hCG diet calls for 125-175 iu of hCG, yet Homeopathic hCG dilutes the dosage to extreme trace amounts or has no real hCG in it at all.

The homeopathic hCG Label (What does it mean?)

The majority of the Homeopathic hCG in the U.S. is sold in strengths of 6X (1/1,000,000), 12X(1/1,000,000,000,000), & 30X (1/1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000). These numbers represent how many times the hCG has actually been diluted.

Using the highest strength of hCG, 10,000 iu and the smallest expression 6x (6/1,000,000) you will have 0.0000000006 iu of hCG in your entire bottle of Homeopathic hCG.

This bears repeating for clear understanding, NOT 0.0000000006 iu hCG per drop but 0.0000000006 iu per 2 ounce bottle.

The correct minimum dosage for any hCG for weight loss program is at least 125-250 iu per day.
Most homeopathic hCG formulations contain very little to no actual hCG at all.

Real hCG Benefits vs. homeopathic hCG

Real hCG will test positive using the hCG test strip. Homeopathic formulations will not.

Real  hCG will spare your muscle and structural fat from wasting and being used as fuel. Homeopathic hCG will not.

Real  hCG will trigger your hypothalamus to rest itself. Homeopathic hCG will not.

Real hCG will, because it triggers fat loss, turn a ketosis strip pinkish to very dark purple. Homeopathic products of hCG will not.

Homeopathic(Fake)hCG Conclusion

In order to perform the hCG diet properly, in order to have optimal fat loss, and in order to have the benefits of hCG, you will need to start with real  hCG.

Med-Trim offers real hCG compounded at a pharmacy that you will recieve with a prescription from a licensed healthcare professional. Chiropractic clinics are great places for backaches, but chiropractors do not have the ability to prescribe antbiotics much less prescribe a FDA regulated hormone like hCG.  Don’t be fooled by imitation hCG.  Make sure if you start any hCG program, you get a prescription for natural hCG from a medically licensed healthcare professional. Do not be fooled by homeopathic or synthetic hCG. 

For more information please call 918-438-5005.

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