MedTrim weight loss systems was developed by PicMed of Oklahoma, a medical wellness clinic that has been meeting the health needs of Oklahomans since 1992. With nearly two decades of health service in our community, we realize that excess weight is a major health concern in our state and country. MedTrim aims to safely meet this concern with a program grounded in medicine.


In its 18 years of having a wellness clinic in Oklahoma, PicMed has gained a unique knowledge of what its community needs with regard to healthcare. This knowledge is incorporated into each MedTrim patient’s individualized diet plan. Weight loss can have numerous health ramifications and because of this, medical supervision of most plans is absolutely necessary. Moreover, it is proven that supervised weight loss has a greater chance of long-term success.

Our customized, medically-supervised diet programs can pave the way for you to experience the same weight loss success that so many of our patients have already enjoyed. Whether you are ready to lose 5 pounds the first week or 30 pounds the first month, we will provide you with clinical, common sense solutions for weight loss. Our goals are the same as your goals; to lose as much weight as possible without ever compromising your health.

The Difference

Unlike many other weight loss clinics, MedTrim has a long-established foundation within the health and wellness community. With this medical platform, MedTrim is able to meet your weight loss goals completely from within the clinic. All of our fully qualified health care staff are trained in weight loss methods and protocol. Our patients can put their trust in the MedTrim system and staff. From lab work to the medical expertise of our local physician, MedTrim makes weight loss simple and safe. Furthermore, other hCG weight loss programs use imitation hCG that DOES NOT contain any actual hormones. MedTrim uses doctor prescribed hCG that contains the actual hormone shown to aid people with weight loss.

We Understand

Although numbers are important in the arena of weight loss, you will be more than a mere number at MedTrim. Weight loss can be a difficult and emotional process, and in realizing that, MedTrim goes beyond mere diets and medicine. We offer personal support and counseling throughout the process of meeting your weight loss goals. Contact our weight loss director to learn how we can help you on your path.

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