Diet FAQ’s


What makes med-trim different from other programs?

We are not just a hCG weight loss program.  We are a medically supervised wellness clinic that uses several tools available to our medical staff to help people reach their weight loss and wellness goals.  Our staff recommends everything from hCG, prescription diet medication, natural supplements, meal planning /nutritional programs, and exercise to help our patients reach and maintain their wellness goals.

I see lots of hCG programs out there, what makes Med-Trim’s hCG program different?

 Our hCG is the real hCG compounded at a pharmacy and is available with only with a medical doctor’s prescription.  Most hCG programs use homeopathic hCG. Also those prescribing hCG to individuals have little to no medical knowledge. Our program includes an orientation with nurses, specific diet instructions, lab work, supplements, a cleansing program, physical, medical history evaluation and customized weight loss program by our medical staff.  Don’t be fooled by chiropractic clinics or salons that would have you believe they are providing prescription medication. 

Whether you decide to join our weight loss program or choose another program, make sure you are dealing with medically supervised program run by a medical doctor who went to medical school and is licensed to practice medicine in our state. 

What about weekly shots or why do some places have weekly shots?

Weekly shots may be effective to some extent.  However, MedTrim follows the daily administration protocol set forth in Dr. Simeon’s original plan.  The research that shows hCG to be effective in weight loss is all based on the daily administration of the hormone.  The body doesn’t produce a high level of hormones on one day and none during the following six.  It is common sense that daily administration of hCG more closely mimics how the body produces hormones, a constant amount per day.

Is hCG safe?

Experience and empirical evidence shows us that weight loss using hCG is both safe and effective. Since hCG is a naturally occurring hormone, the small doses used in the MedTrim system have no known side effects.

Can I order hCG online?

In a word, no. The hCG hormone can only be had through a doctor’s prescription. The HCG that can be ordered online is not the naturally occurring hCG and DOES NOT contain the actual hormone found to be effective in weight loss.

Can men use the hCG hormone with no adverse affects?

Although hCG is commonly known as a pregnancy hormone, it is also naturally found in small quantities in the male body. In fact, it is normally present in every human tissue, including males and non-pregnant women and is considered safe for both sexes. Moreover, in many cases using the hCG hormone, men will lose weight even faster then their female counterparts.

What is Homeopathic hCG?

 The need for a real  hCG product for weight loss has sparked the demand in the homeopathic market to try and capitalize on the high demand and needs of the hCG dieter. But are marketers capitalizing by offering you a equally equivalent product or are they capitalizing on the lack of understanding of homeopathic medicine? What are you getting when you buy homeopathic hCG? Are you getting hCG? And what exactly do those numbers mean on the label of hCG?
The majority of the Homeopathic hCG in the U.S. is sold 6X (1/1,000,000), 12X(1/1,000,000,000,000), 30X (1/1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000). These numbers express how many times the hCG was diluted.

These homeopathic formulas have so little hCG they do not provide any benefit to you.  Most places sell homeopathic hCG because they do not have the ability to sell the real hCG.  The real hCG is a FDA regulated hormone and can’t be sold over the counter or online.  Chiropractic physicians can’t prescribe real prescription hCG and neither can health food stores.   

Will I feel hungry?

hCG protocols consistently show that patients do not feel hungry. Because hCG causes the body to release fat stores into the system for nutrition, most patients don’t experience hunger. If cravings do become an
issue, Med-Trim can prescribe Rx medicine to reduce those cravings.

Wouldn’t I lose weight on a low-calorie diet regardless?

 Yes, you will lose weight on most any restricted calorie diet, but the weight loss will be minimal and possibly not long-term. The unique characteristics of hCG and the MedTrim system actually release fat stored in the
body, whereas a low calorie diet by itself will cause you to burn much needed lean muscle tissue causing you to retain the unwanted fat. Our program is individualized to each person’s activity and lifestyle.  We after reviewing your medical history and consulting with you, our medical staff will create a customized weight loss plan designed to help you lose weight as fast as possible without compromising health. 

Won’t my metabolism slow down on a low calorie diet?

It is true that when cutting calories the body stores fat and the metabolism slows down as fat is to the body a life-saving source of energy. However, in the MedTrim system, the hCG signals the body to use stored fat for energy and to eliminate fat reserves, thusly helping the body maintain its current metabolism.

How much weight will I lose?

The MedTrim system is designed to help you lose a minimum of ½ pound per day although most patients experience a 1 pound to 1½ pound per day loss. The weight lost will depend upon the length of time in the program, the level of adherence to the MedTrim protocol, and a patient’s original weight.

What exercise is recommended while taking hCG?

Only moderate exercise is recommended while using the MedTrim system. Due to hCG’s characteristic of burning excess fat stores rather than lean tissue, strenuous exercise is discouraged as it may cause the body to burn the muscle tissue we are attempting to protect.  We do encourage exercise for long term maintenance once we have helped you achieve your weight loss goals.

What other medical weight loss programs do you offer?

We have several plans based on the needs, wants and budgets of our patients.  Whether you start with the basic nutritional weight loss plan or choose the Medically monitored hCG program with Appetite Suppressant, rest assured the Med-Trim system is  committed to the long term wellness and health goals of our patients.  We want to help you achieve your weight loss and to help you learn a new way to eat. We will help you learn meal planning with the foods you like for long term success.

What is the cost of the MedTrim System?

Because there are a number of diet plans available, a call to one of our staff is recommended.  During that phone call you will receive all program and cost information. You will receive an honest assessment of the pros and cons of each plan.   There will be absolutely no push to have a live consultation where pushy sales people give you the  same information we provide over the phone. 

You are also more than welcome to schedule a meeting with our staff for a quick overview of the programs offered without any obligation. 

 We have plans that start as low as a monthly cost of $39.95 . We will give you options and you decide what weight loss path is best for you. At our clinic we employ no commissioned sales people.  You will get all your program questions answered and then it is up to you to decide what is best for your long term health.

Which program is right for me?

 Many factors go into choosing the proper program.  Because not all people react to a stimulus in the exact same way, we encourage patients to help us guide them into choosing their own program.  Concerns such as diet, medication, supervision, goals, and budgetary concerns are all taken into consideration when giving advice.  It is a joint venture that will ensure, in the end that our patients are progressing in the best manner possible.




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