Weight Loss Options

The MedTrim Weight Loss System

Weight Loss is a complex problem that requires a variety of treatment options. No single treatment will work for all people. We provide a custom weight loss and maintenance solution for each of our patients to ensure that the treatment conforms to the lifestyle, medical needs, weight loss, and budgetary goals of the individual. Medtrim, unlike other programs, works for individuals who want to lose anywhere from 1-300lbs or more. Med-Trim can also benefit those that may not be looking to lose weight but want to live and eat healthier.  Our nutritional calendar and medical supplements have been thoroughly tested and reviewed by our medical staff.  For cost scenarios and/or to determine which program is right for you, please call our staff today.  

Med-Trim Weight Loss Programs

hCG Weight Loss 

Otherwise known on this site as Advanced hCG Weight Loss, this system incorporates administration of the hCG hormone, a moderate calorie diet, appetite suppression, and medical supervision to achieve rapid and long lasting weight loss.

This advanced package will include the following and more: Nurse orientation and support, lab work, vitals check, baseline measurements, nutritional supplements, cleanse, medical exam, medical history evaluation, prescription medication (hCG/appetite suppressant), customized diet program, online nutritional calculator for long term maintenance.

Rx appetite Suppressant 

Otherwise known on this site as Comprehensive Rx Plan, this MedTrim plan uses appetite suppression as a tool to achieve weight loss goals in a safe and supervised manner.  Along with nutritional counseling, meal planning, exercise planning, and thorough medical monitoring, suppression of the appetite has been shown to be effective in long term weight loss.

This Comprehensive Rx Plan includes: Lab work, vitals check, baseline measurements, nutritional supplements, cleanse, limited physical, medical history evaluation, staff support, prescription medication (appetite suppressant) online nutritional calculator for meal planning & maintenance.  

Alive 365 For Real People with Real Lives

 The Real People with Real Lives simply refers to the fact that our solutions are for everybody and that they are based on realistic change and results. Alive 365, includes, Lab work, vitals check, baseline measurements, nutritional supplements, cleanse, excercise program, medical history evaluation, staff support,  medication , complete health risk assessments,  & maintenance.  



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