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What is Alive 365?  The name of the program has some general meaning that gives insight in what we are helping patients to achieve. Alive means living fully with maximum health for the rest of your long life and the 365 is your commitment to a year of work to achieve a lifetime of change.  The Real People with Real Lives simply refers to the fact that our solutions are for everybody and that they are based on realistic change and results.

The great news is that the weight loss is rapid and results are quickly noticeable, yet the patient isn’t in a state of hunger or agitation.  The plan removes toxins from the body, flushes excess water, raises the metabolism, reduces hunger, changes thinking, alters habits, and makes the body into a lean mean fat burning machine!  The Alive 365 achieves these results through the use of long-standing medical knowledge, but also through the use of well-known motivation and thought changing techniques.

Plan Overview

Phase Details
Phase I: RESOLVE21 Days The purifying cleanse phase will flush excess water, mobilize fat, and remove toxins.  During this phase, the patient will be consuming high protein foods with fat burning power.
Phase II: EVOLVE21 Days This phase of variation involves changing calorie consumption to stimulate fat burning by “confusing” the body.  This phase will prevent the problem of reaching weight loss plateaus.
Phase III: ADVANCE21 Days This phase of moving forward will reintroduce some starches and sugars into the diet.  During this phase, patients will advance to long-term yet realistic eating habits that will continue the weight loss patterns.
Phase IV: LIVEOngoing This phase of maintenance will include weekend favorite foods and alcohol in moderation on top of all the foods introduced in the first three phases.  This phase will give the patient the long-term strategies to maintain ideal weight while letting them have a little fun along the way.

The overview above shows the basic information behind the four phases.  Weight loss through the plan is based on and grounded in medical fact, but the Alive plan goes beyond the mere science and medicine and addresses the whole patient; the mind and spirit as well.  By naming the four phases, Alive 365 makes the word REAL an acronym that touches on the less traditionally recognized and harder to measure aspects of long term success in weight loss and overall health.  Weight gain, health deterioration, overeating, inconsistency in diet, lack of exercise, and the like are all symptoms of deeper issues that interfere in a patient’s path to long-term success.  Alive’s its REAL phases will give the patient the tools to make the changes a lifestyle rather than a short-term fix.

Alive  is a medically supervised weight loss plan that includes: Lab work, vitals check, baseline measurements, nutritional supplements, cleanse, excercise program, medical history evaluation, staff support,  medication , complete health risk assessments,  & maintenance.

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