Advanced hCG weight loss


The MedTrim hCG Weight Loss System is based in part on the use of Rx natural hCG (short for human chorionic gonadotropin). hCG is a naturally occurring hormone produced during pregnancy that has also been found to play an important role in weight loss for both men and women. During pregnancy, hCG signals the mother’s body to redistribute fat stores in order to sustain infant growth. Studies show that this hormone, when combined with a low-calorie diet, increases the body’s ability to burn fat while protecting against the loss of lean muscle. Essentially hCG reprograms your body so it functions at its optimal metabolic rate, even long after hCG is being utilized.  Our hCG is not homeopathic or synthetic hCG.  It is the natural hCG compounded by a pharmacy with a Medical doctor’s precription. Most of the facilities offering the hCG program do not have natural Rx hCG.  Chiropratic clinics, salons, and natural health food stores do not have the ability to prescribe Real Rx hCG.

Medical Monitoring

You start your journey to a new you with a visit to our medical staff. During this visit our staff will review your medical and weight loss history as well as conduct a general wellness exam. The physician will instruct you in the proper implementation of the MedTrim Weight Loss System and will customize the program to fit your specific needs. In addition, you will visit our fully-dedicated MedTrim nurse who will instruct you in some of the finer details of the program. This nurse will be your on-going support and contact outside of your monthly visits as well as be a valuable resource that will help motivate you and keep you on track towards your weight loss goal.

Moderate-Calorie Diet

Our medical staff will customize a MedTrim diet plan that  is easy to follow and offers great flexibility of food choices.  Even though many clinics many clinics will go strictly off Dr. Simeons protocol, our medical professionals will factor lifestyle, activity and medical history of our patients before choosing the best diet plan for our patients.  We are not a one size fits all program and you will recieve one on one medical consultation.   After your initial medical evaluation with our doctor you will be encouraged to follow a plan that allows you to eat more than you might expect for the first few days. This allows your body to prepare for its rapid weight loss.

For the remainder of the program, the MedTrim system will have you follow a moderate calorie diet. With any diet, it is necessary to practice portion and calorie control. We will provide all of our patients with detailed information about the food that should be consumed on this diet and the foods that should be avoided. Furthermore, this information will contain nutritional information for common foods found in the grocery store and even restaurants. We help take the guesswork and inconvenience out of the diet plan.

Appetite Suppressant

Precription Medication These suppressants come in varying dosages and, after the doctor’s consultation, we can match suppressants appropriately to your individualized weight loss goals.  Even though hCG does suppress hunger,  many of our clients do benefit a precription appetite suppressant. This is a decision made by you and our medical staff.

Vitamin Supplement

Weight loss can deplete some essential vitamins and nutrients within the body. The MedTrim system includes specifically formulated vitamin supplements to combat this loss. Although hCG is designed to cause the body to burn excess fat rather than lean muscle, vitamin depletion is still a concern. Initially, the MedTrim system will give its patients a selected supply of vitamin supplements and dependent upon your body’s reaction, patients can continue or add to their initial supplement program by purchasing from our privately designed vitamin stock.  Our vitamins contain the highest quality ingredients on the market today.  Each and every vitamin and dietary supplement has been tested and approved by our medical staff.

Exercise Plan

Beyond mere weight loss, the MedTrim system teaches your body to accept a lower, base-line weight. The system is designed to help patients attain overall behavioral changes to aid them in long-term weight control. Although strenuous exercise is discouraged while in the program as the body might burn lean muscle tissue rather than fat, it is imperative to know that exercise is an essential factor in maintaining a new, leaner you. So there will be no need for complicated and time-consuming workouts.  For long term weight loss and maintenance, an excercise program must be considered.

Online Nutrition Program

As a patient, you’ll get access to our online nutritional program. This gives you the opportunity to track your daily nutrition, create healthy meals, and measure your weight loss results with our graphing tools.  This is a cutting edge tool that promotes long term balanced healthy eating.    This tool is essential for maintaining your weight and for creating healthy meals and eating habits for long term success.

Lifestyle Education

Long-term weight loss success is based on changing aspects of a person’s lifestyle that has contributed to that individual being overweight.

Lifestyle change is critical to your success and without it, most weight loss is only temporary.  This explains our country’s low weight loss success rates where the majority of people attempt weight management through diet alone.

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