Med-Trim hCG challenge!

Bring your over-the-counter, homeopathic and/or internet purchased HCG and we will test it for FREE!  We will show you the difference between the real, prescription hCG and the “other” products claiming to be HCG.  Not only we test it for free but if your hCG is fake we will give you a Credit of $25.00 towards our program. 

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Real hCG Benefits vs Homeopathic hCG

Real hCG will test positive using the hCG test strip. Homeopathic will not.

Real  hCG will spare your muscle and structural fat from wasting and being used as fuel. Homeopathic will not.

Real  hCG will trigger your hypothalamus to rest itself. Homeopathic hCG will not.

Real hCG will, because it triggers fat loss, will turn a Ketosis strip pinkish to very dark purple. Homeopathic will not.

“Ketosis Strips are small strips that have a very small pad on the end for absorption. They are also known as Ketone Strips. This strip contains chemicals that will change color when they detect ketones in your urine. Ketones work as a very efficient fuel for your body and give it needed energy. Ketones are created in the liver from various fatty acids and this occurs when there isn’t any glucose in your body so fat is broken down instead.”

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