Comprehensive RX Plan


We have one of the highest success rates in the weight loss market because we combine real medication, a variety of diet options for rapid weight loss, and sensible long term maintenance.

Many of our clients who choose not to follow the hCG program but still desire medical assistance with their weight loss goals will opt to follow our program that combines a sensible low calorie diet with FDA approved appetite suppresants. This program combines counseling on basic dietary changes that are needed to lose weight, exercise plans and goals, and lastly pharmaceuticals. The initial evaluation by our medical staff will include a physical exam and baseline measurements. Also, we conduct labwork on-site to determine additional health risks we should be addressing.  Most of our weight loss patients on this program eventually use Phentermine or Phendimetrazine which is a stimulant that ensures weight loss by suppressing hunger. While this medication is helpful in one’s quest to lose weight, it is by no means a magic bullet.  Success in any program must combine any medication with real lifestyle change with regard to exercise and diet.  Continuation in this program is only ensured when patients agree to regular follow-up processes with close monitoring and adherence to incremental weight loss goals.

Weight Loss is a complex problem that requires a variety of treatment options which is why Med-Trim has several program options. By carefully considering the patient’s needs, medical state, goals, and budget, we can accurately aid one in the process of picking the best weight loss option.  If you are committed to losing weight, we are commited to helping you   By giving our patients the best choices for reaching their weight loss goals, there are no excuses for not losing the weight you desire.

Comprehensive Plan Consist of:

Prescription Appetite Suppressant (1 months supply)

  • Monthly visit and in office follow up with Medical staff.
  • Bio-Cleanse
  • Medically approved supplements Max-Health Daily Vitamin, Omega 3 Complex (essential for heart health and blood pressure), Osteo-Care(Calcium &Vitamin D)
  • Labwork (Liver and Kidney Function, Glucose, cholesterol panel, and Thyroid Bloodwork)
  • Etrim-Online nutritional tracker, create and plan meals, measure weight loss results with our graphing tool, and much more.  Not just a calorie counter but nutritional program following  guidelines from Insitute of Medicine. Plan your entire weeks meals in less than 10 minutes and print a shopping list. (Initial month)
  • 20% off all future supplements purchases
  • Access to PicMed medical staff via email and phone
  • Baseline Measurements
  • Vitals check
  • Initial Medical Consult- Physical, Medical History Evaluation, Personal evaluation
  • and more…

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